Vol. 1

Darrell Whitaker, Co-author

Watching moments unfold in today's time, positive or negative, always gives me hope to challenge myself, way of thought and actions. Residing overseas has helped me realize how precious our culture is in America. Here, I'm  a man, in a foreign land. While at home, I'm labeled by social status and race. At the same time, I still live on earth.

Having the opportunity to be part of an experience, such as this, doesn't come often. To learn from ones life, struggles, happiness, pain, and triumph is a lesson in itself. Learning more about my father's life, or many lives, has helped me to understand the concept of individuality and hustle. To be "OF THE MOMENT", without regrets.  Especially, if no harm is done.

It's my honor to help present a lifetime of photography, hard work and passion. Growing up with negatives, 35 mm cameras, proof sheets, slides, film and images everywhere, definitely rubbed off! My appreciation for photography, art, entertainment, African-American culture, and people is unshakable. I hope this project finds us peace and acceptance of ourselves and others...


Delroi Whitaker Sr, Photographer/ author

Aswaad English is a successful visionary and television executive and show creator with a strong foundation in producing, directing, content creation, development and production. Mr. English was formally trained in all phases of production at Colombia College Hollywood. He has successfully provided production support for major television outlets such as NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS.

Aswaad English has created and produced productions along side industry giants such as four-time Emmy award winner and creator of the Judge Judy show, Peter Brennan. Along with the creator of Christina's court, Jerry Kupcinet. Mr. English has an impeccable track record spanning over a decade from working on television programs such as NBC’s “The Moment of Truth”, “Every Second Counts”, “The Judge Judy Show” and “The Judge Joe Brown Show” to name a few.

Aswaad was inspired to produce and co-author this project after realizing there was a gap in collectively honoring these African-Americans who have made such extraordinary contributions to entertainment, music, and sports. “My goal is to remind the world just how many beautiful elements the Black culture has contributed to the American way of life after today,

Aswaad English, Co-author

My main inspiration for photography was hanging with my brother Erik, while he shot celebrities. The whole Motown clan was staying at an apartment building near Beverly Hills on Westwood Blvd. Erik had an assignment to shoot Smokey Robinson and his wife, and there I was, hanging with the 5th Dimensions, the songwriters Holland Dozier Holland. They all stayed in separate units. It was amazing and didn't have an idea, that's what I wanted to do. I loved being there with my brother taking was a natural thing, I can't even explain it!

Over the years Delroi went on to shoot photos of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Jacksons, Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye and many, many other Hollywood celebrities.